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Clean Pain Vs. Dirty Pain

Podcast Transcript:

Friends, This one is a good one, I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to talk to you about this topic as though I were talking to my best friend. I’ll be sharing some very personal information, so heads up, there is some sensitive material I’ll be sharing.


I have a lot of goodness to unpack and if there was one concept I wish I would have known about when I was younger, it would be this one: the difference between clean pain and dirty pain.


And this is such a powerful concept, it’s so important, I made a booklet for you that you can download as a resource if you want to walk through the steps I’m going to teach you today. You can use this booklet and journal about whatever it is that is needing some loving care and attention in your life, in your heartspace if you will, and you can do the work of cleaning up some dirty pain with the help of this booklet.


Go to Danielle Vaughn coaching dot com and on the...

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You Are Already Worthy

Episode 14 – You are Already Worthy



Friends, I want to talk to you about something that a lot of women don’t believe. And it’s simply this. You are already worthy. You have a voice and a light and a brain and a heart, and so you have something special and you are already worthy.


Do you believe that?


You don’t have to lose weight to be worthy. You don’t have to look a certain way to be worthy. You don’t have to have children who follow the straight and narrow in order to be worthy. You don’t have to be married to be worthy. You don’t have to get the degree. You don’t have to make more money. You don’t have to hustle.


You are already worthy.


Do you know how I know that?


Because God said so.


And God doesn’t lie.


Over the last year as I’ve built my coaching practice, as I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of women now, I am still in...

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Choosing Faith When in Crisis


Do you know how to navigate a crisis when life throws you its inevitable curve balls? What about fear and doubt?

It takes a lot of mental resilience, emotion regulation and redirection to navigate difficult times in such a way where you can look back and say that you handled the crisis well versus not showing up the way you wish you could have.


Whether you are a person of faith or not, I think that articulating my thought process while navigating the darkness will give you some ideas on how to navigate your own trials or crises when needed.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a belief in God


And – even so, I have a lot of doubtful thinking.


When I was little, from the time my mother died, I started talking to God and I haven’t stopped since, because I hear a voice that talks to me, and it doesn’t sound like my own, but it has a loving familiarity to it, and it’s like a conversation that goes back and forth. And so I...

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Acres of Diamonds

How to Cultivate More Happiness on Purpose During the Holidays

I want to offer to you one of my most powerful tools that get me back to a sense of trusting myself, feeling grounded, and just enjoying where I’m at and enjoying other people for who they are. This is about generating more belief in yourself that you already have inside of you what you need in order to create what you want, going into the holiday season.


You don’t have to be afraid that you’ll blow it with your health goals or with the foods you love, or with relationships with extended family that may have felt a little strained in the past.


A potential pit fall that could make this holiday season a little more difficult, is living in a “good old days” kind of mentality, especially right now, 2020 feels like a setback in circumstances for many of us, and we’re wishing for “the good old days” when we could do all the things we were doing, when the world was...

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Hero of her Story

Mother/Daughter Relationships Can Be Complex


I coach a lot of brave, growth warrior mamas in my coaching practice. Some of us feel like we are reinventing the wheel so to speak with how to move through motherhood and have healthy relationships with our grown, young-adult daughters.


It’s very different these days for our young adult daughters than it was for us as mothers fifteen, twenty years ago. It is more difficult to truly Launch and figure out Adulting.


And so, the question becomes; how to establish an adult relationship with our young adults, in such a way where you can feel more connected and ultimately have the relationship that you want moving forward?


Often times, mothers and daughters are still working through outdated ideas of how mothers ‘should be’ and how daughters ‘should be.’  I think the ‘shoulds’ we place on ourselves and on other people, especially on our daughters, can really get in the...

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Gratitude for my Mentors

Gratitude for my Mentors

I want to speak to the power of having gratitude for good Mentors in your life.  The impact of a good mentor can be a real game-changer for the trajectory of the path you take.

Today, I’m going to speak to five lessons I learned from five mentors who’ve given me some amazing gifts. I’m hoping that these gifts, these lessons, will inspire you to identify your mentors, and to think of ways you too can be a mentor for the people in your life. Also, to keep looking and learning from new mentors along the way. We are never too old for learning from people. 

1.  You can do anything you put your mind to

This lesson came from my grandmother.  We were really close growing up. She had a gift for always seeing the good in people, and I have her to thank for seeing the good in me – even when I made mistakes – and I made some pretty big ones while growing up. Even through the mistakes, she loved me the best anyway....

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Anxiety and Politics


Anxiety and Politics

Today, I want to speak to you about anxiety and politics.  I want speak to the collective anxiety most of us have been feeling towards this year’s presidential election, the outcome, and how this year has felt different than any other year for most of us who can remember presidential elections over the decades. Yes, decades. I’ve been alive for four decades now, almost five, and I feel like this election year has been like no other.

Whether you follow politics closely, or whether you choose not to, and no matter which way you wanted this election to go, I’m going to address the anxiety that I’ve been helping many of my clients work through, especially the young adults I work with. I can see that our younger generations, our teens and young adults, are looking the older generation, for answers.  I want to give you some ideas of how to help your loved ones deal with anxiety and politics right now.

What do we do when the...

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Intuitive Eating 101


Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is such a game changer. I could geek out on the subject of Intuitive Eating all day long.  I love teaching these principles and getting this work out into the world. You are going to be so glad you learned about Intuitive Eating today.  Let’s get started with the basics: 

What is intuitive eating? 

I get a lot of questions about what intuitive eating is.  I want to answer your questions, and speak to what it is not.

Intuitive Eating is an approach to food that helps you find mind/body/food peace.  You can find this again after you’ve been a chronic dieter and are confused about what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, in order to weight balance or live in such a way that works for you. 

Eveyin Tribole and Elyse Resch describe intuitive eating so perfectly in their book, Intuitive Eating, 4th Edition.  They define intuitive eating this way;

“It is “a compassionate, self-care eating...

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Dealing with Difficult People; When People Are Annoying.

Difficult People

I do a LOT of relationship coaching. Makes sense, right? It’s one of the most important aspects of our lives, healthy relationships. So let’s dive into this.

 Why bother with this relationship?

Here’s a question that I’ve wondered, and I hear my clients ask sometimes too – especially when the relationship just seems so challenging, so much work to maintain, we ask ourselves, “why bother with this relationship anyway?”

Let’s address it in the context of marriage. Why bother with getting married, or staying married, when you know – either first hand, or from watching other people – how difficult marriage is?

Relationships & Expectations 

I think it’s really easy to get confused about what marriage is for. I see this all the time. And I know it all too well, from my own experience of being married for twenty-seven years. 

We come into marriage or a committed relationship with...

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When You Hit Roadblocks in Your Health

Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Allison Brumley

I recently interview Dr. Allison Brumley, a dear friend, about her journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor.  We discussed everything from what inspired her to study naturopathic medicine to how she feels about intuitive eating.   I was very inspired and uplifted by her insights and knowledge about the human body and I think that you will be too.  I'm sharing some of the highlights here, but if you want the full experience be sure to listen to the podcast!  Here are the insights about naturopathic medicine from Dr. Allison Brumley.  No matter what your beliefs are about naturopathic medicine, you can learn from this amazing woman.

Dr. Brumley has weathered the storms of life graciously and has an amazing outlook on how the body works as a whole and how we can better serve our bodies, minds, and spirits.   We can all benefit from her knowledge and experience.  I asked her the following...

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