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The Lovers, The Dreamers, and the Make It Happeners

Have you ever wondered if being an artist is frivolous? Do you wonder how it's possible to honor your inner artist while also making a living?⁠

I've noticed that 'creative' types struggle sometimes with finding the balance. (me raising my hand, too!)⁠

Recently, I interviewed Jonny Tanner @spirit.painter, (give him a follow if you want more light & positivity to show up in your Instagram feed!) and we dive into how to honor your inner artist.⁠

I am on a mission to mentor and help artists show up for their creativity - to create a life they are proud of with no regrets.


About ten years ago, I read a book that changed the trajectory of my songwriting career and helped me achieve some fun successes as a singer/songwriter, it’s called, “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, and I’ve since read the book countless times. It’s about honoring and even healing the creative artist all of us have within – which can be a little bit of a delicate pursuit I’ve found for many of us.


I have a personal belief that artists make the world go ‘round, they make the world a better place – and I admire people who honor their creativity and their art, who don’t apologize for it, or play small.


And Jonny is one of those people. I also believe that every single person is born with creativity inside of them. But sometimes it gets lost, or it gets buried with practical pursuits and with the demands of living and earning our way.


Creativity is an act of faith, it has a spiritual element to it, and the Universe stands ready to aid and help us if we ask for it in our creative pursuits. It can ask a lot of us to answer the call to honor our creativity, it can ask us to dare greatly, to be vulnerable, and to fail, and to pick ourselves up again. And so as an act of faith, it’s important to be faithful to yourself, to be willing to share whatever it is that is pulling you to be creative and to help others with it.


I’ve found that with my art, with my music, as I’ve been willing to share it to help others, is has helped me in return tenfold, with feeling whole and complete and satisfied.


There is a lot of trust involved in this process. Trust our process, and look beyond results. And be willing to define success for ourselves, versus looking outside of ourselves for validation.


This can be such a delicate balance to achieve.


You’ve heard of the ‘starving artist’ lifestyle. I understand where this sentiment comes from, but I don’t think it has to be an artist’s reality.

Even though many artists will never receive the Tony award, the Oscar, or the Grammy, that doesn’t make them any less successful or worthy in my eyes. Fame will come to some. And others, it will elude. But when we honor our creativity, that pull inside of us to be artists, we will discover the art of living.


Many of us can get confused about our creativity. Through my own experience – and that of countless others that I have coached and mentored – I have come to believe that creativity is our true nature, and that if we are blocked, and most of us are to some extent or another, then maybe it’s time, (and let this be a gentle invitation) to open up a willingness and a humility to freely engage in your art again.


It’s never too late to unblock.


Here’s to all the lovers, the dreamers, the make-it-happeners, out there.


Let your life become your work of art.


Dare greatly my friends.


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