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and I believe confident teens, young adults, and their parents light up the world when they have a strong back, a soft heart, and brave dreams they pursue. My mission is to help you enjoy your creative pursuits AND manage anxiety with more confidence; that's why I created Dare Greatly coaching.

How it Works

I mentor teens and young adults through online coaching to overcome anxiety, perfectionism, and body image issues,  so they can show up confidently in their high school years, college programs, and stage performances with more confidence. I help them minimize comparing themselves with their colleagues.

Fit your Needs

I work with parents once a month, and their children through private weekly coaching that fits their schedule. I teach parents in my group program, The Dare Greatly Society, so they have the same skills I'm teaching their child. It is a powerful way to learn the skill-set of confidence (yes, it is a skill-set that is learned!)

Know What to Do

The best part is feeling like you belong in the spot-light with your unique gifts. Anxiety doesn't have to run the show.  I teach you how to train your confidence mindset the same way you train your voice and your instrument. You'll also learn how to create your own opportunities to perform, so you enjoy your music again.

I'm a coach for people who need help feeling more confident:


so you can enjoy sharing your talent and stop allowing anxiety to run the show.


What client's have to say. . .

Michelle G.

"Working with you has saved my relationship with my daughter. She is thriving again in college and I owe it to the tools you've taught me and how I've been able to show up for her in a more loving way, versus always worrying. Seriously, thank you Danielle! This has been a gamechanger!"


Kate S.

"Danielle helped me better understand what anxiety is.  She taught me how to address what was causing it and validate my own feelings.  This was invaluable and I have used it countless times since with my own college students.  Over multiple sessions, she helped me learn how to gain back my love of composing again. It had been years."

Kristin W.

"I'm so glad my mom told me about you. I was drowning in school. I thought I was ready for college, but I had no idea. Through learning how to use the model and learning how to manage my thoughts, my anxiety is more manageable and I'm doing so much better in school. I love what you've taught me!"

Looking for new music for the holidays?

Musicians deserve to be heard.

You don't have to wait until you're perfect. Coaching helps you show up on stage and look people in the eyes, belt those songs without apology, and fill the auditorium with star-power presence.

"When I was accepted into Berklee School of Music, I was both thrilled and scared at the same time. My journey as a violinist has been a roller-coaster of loving it and not loving it. The thing is, looking back, I see that I'm so lucky! I have a mom who is both a musician and a life coach! As musicians, we all have to navigate the competition vibe and grapple with self-confidence - I've seen that here at Berklee. I wish everyone had a mom like mine who they can call anytime and get coached on all the self-doubts. It has been a huge gift for me while pursuing my Music Production and Engineering Degree here in Boston. "

Kate Vaughn, session violinist, MP&E Major at Berklee School of Music

Join Me!


and let's get you showing up on stage where confetti falls out of the ceiling every time you perform. It's possible, I promise.

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