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Parents - Sign up for life coaching in the Dare Greatly Society, 3 month coaching program to mentor with Danielle and apply the tools I teach teens and young adults. (This option is perfect for parents who want support in mental, emotional, and spiritual tools. It's also perfect for you if your child's schedule is too full for weekly coaching.)

Teens / Young Adults -  sign up for private coaching $207 / month for three months. We meet weekly for 30 minutes private coaching. (The Dare Greatly Society for parents is included in this option.)

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Custom Private Coaching for Teens / Young Adults

$207 / month for 3 months

Weekly 30 Minute Sessions | 3 month program


  • Private coaching from the convenience of your phone or computer.
  • Coaching is for you if you want to learn more about: managing emotions, dating and healthy relationships, missionary prep, how to thrive in college, how to manage ADHD, Anxiety, how to plan for a future you are excited about.
  • Weekly accountability check-ins, 24/6 email and text availability & support.
  • Coaching is different than therapy. It is powerful in that we don't spend a lot of time in the past. Instead we answer the 'now what?' question with problems you are currently facing.
  • We work on confidence building and your relationship with yourself.
  • This setting is perfect if you are eager to dive in and experience breakthroughs with Danielle's guidance and support.
  • Includes FULL access to the Dare Greatly Society for parents for three months.
Sign Up my Child for Weekly Coaching with Danielle

Dare Greatly Society Coaching Program for Parents / Families

$57/month for 3 months

(Included when child is private coaching with Danielle.) Inside the Dare Greatly Society, you learn the tools Danielle is teaching your child, but geared toward parents. You get full access to the Dare Greatly Parenting course. It's also your chance to learn and apply the tools Danielle teaches on the Dare Greatly podcast.


  • Healthy Relationships and Dating
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Confidence and How to Make Yourself Proud
  • Master Anxiety, How to Master Anxiety with Confidence
  • Goal Getter Strategy
  • Conflict Resolution skills
  • Money Mindset
  • Body Respect and Healthy Body Image
  • Weight Loss without Diet Culture
  • How to Handle Difficult Emotions
  • Plan your Future, Prepare for a Good Life

AND MORE…. you'll get:

  • (included) private coaching, 1 thirty minute session per month, guaranteed.
  • 24 hour access to our 'Ask a Coach' feature, post anonymously and receive answers quickly.
  • Bite size modern mental health videos to go deeper on topics like: anxiety, goals that get done, healthy relationships, parenting courses, and more. . .


The Dare Greatly Society was created to simplify the process of parenting support for you, to save you oodles of time and money, and to have all the tools you need to up-level your parenting strategy, in an affordable way. Great for busy parents of college students coaching with Danielle, learn the tools she is teaching your child on your own time.

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Emma Wadsworth - Musical Theater Major BYU Performing Arts and Young Ambassador

"I never would have expected all of the wonderful things working with Danielle has given me. It has been one of the greatest things that has helped me come into adulthood and really step into my authentic self. Especially as a person with creative aspirations and goals, Danielle has been the perfect coach for me. Being a creative person herself, she really understands those specific anxieties and fears that come with wanting to pursue a career and be a mother in the arts. I feel like I am a completely different person now than I was when I started coaching (in the best way)!"

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Maria Reid - Owner of Make it Sweet Tuscan Retreats

"Danielle helped me create my dream business, she saw the potential and the light in my eyes when I told her what I wanted to create. This business has always been calling to me and my sister, but we were afraid to put ourselves out there and do it. She inspired and motivated us to keep pursuing our little dream of taking women to Italy. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone with a dream in their heart who wants to bring it out into the world"

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Kate Skinner - Jazz Piano Professor, University of Idaho

"I am grounded in myself for the first time in (truly) years, which has given me the ability to face challenging situations with less fear and more confidence and to start composing again. I feel so much more sure of my strength and talents. I am still a work in progress, but I have more control over the progress I am making and, for the most part, I am no longer afraid to share my music, take the leap, and speak my truth."