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How to Enjoy Your Body More through the Summer Months

Hello my beautiful friends. I wanted to share some of the principles I teach my clients -  and teach you how to achieve peace with your body where you’re at today, and moving forward through the different stages women’s bodies go through.


Health and wellness goals are a beautiful thing. 


But as women's bodies change over the years, it can affect a woman's self-esteem. I want to set you up for SUCCESS as you approach your health, wellness, and weight loss goals if you’re pursuing them, so I’m going to walk you through a few steps on how to do that, especially after having children and perhaps not loving how your body looks this summer.


Step One: The first step, and this isn’t easy for many of you, I know, is to acknowledge all the things you are proud of yourself for in maintaining a healthy body and doing your best.


There’s a huge lack of this among those of us who have a tendency to be a little hard on...

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