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#58 - How Getting Support For Your Marriage Works


My journey in the Marriage and Family Studies world has been influenced by lots of amazing mentors, from John Gottman to William Doherty, to Brene Brown.

Through their teachings, reading all their books, and my own experience and introspection, I came to understand the importance of fighting for your marriage.

It's a powerful way to approach your relationships and explore where a consumer mindset may be undermining your marriage.

Fighting for your marriage will allow you to show up fully with your partner, and it can transform the way you experience fulfillment in the most important relationship you will take on.

In this episode, I share what getting support for your marriage looks like, how it works, and how being intentional of who you let into your inner circle is one of the most important decisions you will make. 

Through getting the right kind of support, you can access your highest level of marital happiness and make choices that create the outcomes you've always hoped for. Tune in this week to learn how. 


  • How to assess if family and friends are Marriage Builders or Marriage Underminers.
  • Soft reasons for divorce and Hard reasons for divorce.
  • The importance of building a community of good mentors, and how to be a life-long learner.
  • How to assess your counselor or therapist if they are operating from a Personal Satisfaction bias or a Fighting for Your Marriage bias.
  • What happens when you fully understand and practice self-reflection and the power of thought work in your marriage. 



  • Book, Take Back Your Marriage by William J. Doherty, PhD; offers practical tools for sticking together in a world that pulls us apart. A wise and timely book of advice on marriage from one of America's favorite therapists.
  • Book, Atomic Habits by James Clear. An easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones.


#57 - Trusting Your Body When You Have a Chronic Illness: Interview with My Friends Series - Shelby Hansen, Life Coach


Do you or someone you love live with a chronic illness or with chronic pain? Then you’re going to want to lean in and listen closely my friend. 


As a life coach, invisible illness warrior, and kidney transplant recipient, Shelby has navigated the waters of chronic fatigue and chronic pain for over two decades and can help you feel more energized and alive than ever before. Using a combination of nervous system regulation paired with mindset coaching, she helps moms who experience chronic conditions increase their energy, feel at peace with their diagnoses and body, and eliminate or decrease their physical symptoms without restrictive diets or costly supplements. She helps moms rewire their relationships with their bodies and their symptoms so that waking up can feel like the best part of their day again.


If you want to take what you’re learning on the podcast and apply it to your unique circumstances, you need to join the Dare Greatly Society! It has individualized support for your marriage, family life, and that dream in your heart. Click here for more details.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • How to live vibrantly even when you’re managing chronic pain or chronic illness
  • Where additional healing can be found and how to understand the emotional component to healing. 
  • Insights of how chronic pain can be worked through with the nervous system, and what ‘pain reprocessing therapy’ is. 
  • Why ‘acceptance’ isn’t the only approach to working with chronic pain.
  • What to do with Anger when it shows up due to a difficult diagnosis.
  • Tips for working through chronic pain in relationships with partners and how to better support each other. 
  • How to face the fears of missing out when the body needs more rest than usual.

Mentioned on the show:

If you’re wanting to have more peace to navigate the waters of chronic fatigue and chronic pain, you’ll love this episode.

Living vibrantly with chronic health issues is possible. Shelby teaches us how.  


Artist Pep-Talk: Jealousy and Creating Your Own Opportunities


Have you ever noticed the emotion of jealousy come up in your creative endeavors? Sometimes it can really wreak havoc with our creativity and ability to enjoy accomplishing our goals.  Maybe you’ve been inspired by others who have gone before you, a successful artist or creator who has accomplished what you want to accomplish, and you find yourself wishing you had what they had.


If you’ve ever found yourself feeling jealous or less-than, wishing opportunities would come your way that other people seem to get, or even at a complete loss of what to do with the emotion of jealousy, you’ll want to learn and implement my framework of how to deal with jealousy in a healthy way. 


Join me on today’s episode where I’ll show you how to tune into your jealousy, versus tune out so you can let its intelligence inform you how to create your own opportunities that will light you up.


If you want to take what you’re learning on the podcast and apply it to your unique circumstances, you need to join the Dare Greatly Society! It has individualized support for your marriage, family life, and that dream in your heart. Click here for more details. 


What You’ll Learn on this Episode: 


  • What to do with jealousy if you wish you had actionable tools to work with it.
  • Why resisting or avoiding your jealousy doesn’t work and usually backfires.
  • How to get instant relief from being jealous.
  • The key to creating your own opportunities so you can move from ‘wishing’ to making yourself proud.


If you’re wanting to have an antidote to the venom of jealousy - and get back into the joyful flow of creation without worrying about what other people are doing - today’s episode is for you. 


Creating your dreams takes courage and the willingness to dare greatly. I’m cheering you on.


Don’t let jealousy stop you or slow you down.


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#56 Helping Teens Navigate Today’s Challenges - 5 Vital Skills to Teach Your Teen Today.


I am in the trenches of parenting older teens and young adults myself, and it is not easy. And many of the people I work with come to me wanting support in their parenting given today’s challenges. I’m teaching five skills you’ll want to adopt in your parenting tool kit no matter how old or young your children are, the skills your child needs in order to navigate the unique challenges of today.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling worried for your teen, out of your element, or even at a complete loss of how to help your teen, you’ll want to learn and implement these five skills, it’s never too late. 

I’ve boiled it down to five skills I believe teens and young adults need these days to face their future with more self-trust, and if they implement these skills, they will be far more prepared for the unique challenges and difficulties today’s world presents. 

Join me on this episode to discover what to do with negative emotion, how to support your older child when they’re struggling, and how to apply all the concepts we learn here on the podcast and practice them in their everyday lives.

If you want to take what you’re learning on the podcast and apply it to your unique circumstances, you need to join the Dare Greatly Society! It has individualized support for your marriage, family life, and that dream in your heart. Click here for more details. 


What You’ll Learn on this Episode: 


  • 5 vital skills your teen or young adult needs to navigate today’s world
  • How to be the Allower of emotions, versus the Judger, so you can build more confidence and self-trust.
  • What keeps us stuck in low self-worth and what to do instead.
  • Where real self-worth comes from and how to help your kids identify it in themselves.
  • How to assess what your unique strengths are and how to lead with them versus swimming in unhelpful comparisons
  • How you’ll have so much more confidence, peace, and clarity in your parenting when you use these skills as a foundation for guiding your children.


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#55 - Men and Coaching

Today's episode is directed towards how life coaching benefits men, husbands and fathers. If I could go back and talk to my young-married self, learning what I've learned through studying Marriage and Family, I would have supported my husband a little differently over the years. 

While being a husband and father in today's culture is full of more opportunity than ever before, it can also feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You might think you have to be strong all the time and not know who to talk to when you are feeling weighed down. You might feel awkward talking about what you're worried about and you might not want to be perceived as weak. Whatever you're worried about right now, coaching can help.

Tune in this week as I share some of the ways I help the men I coach. I'm sharing the three things men need to know as they learn how to self-regulate frustration, anger, and the fight-or-flight instincts they deal with as they move through their career and juggling marriage and fatherhood so they can feel more supported while knowing what to do with juggling it all.

I have room for three clients between now and the end of the year that you can sign up for right now! The Coaching for Men program is available for $349 for six weeks. Check it out by clicking here!

If you want to take what you're learning here on the podcast and apply it in your unique circumstances, you need to join the Dare Greatly Society three month group coaching program: We start our next group mid-January. Get into the program by clicking here. (space is limited)


  • The problem with growing up with an emotionally unavailable father and what to do about it.
  • Why men struggle with knowing what to do with emotions and how to help them.
  • My experience with helping my husband and how it's improved our marriage.
  • What men want more than anything else, versus what women want.
  • The importance of understanding our nervous system programming and how to reprogram it if it isn't serving us.
  • How to self-heal if you are constantly in 'fight or flight' mode and how to use a diffferent fuel that doesn't push loved ones away.


  • Coaching taught me how to self-heal without years of therapy (although we love all the good therapists!) and I've watched it change the lives of hundreds of women, teens, and young adults since. Are you wondering if it is right for you? Let's meet over zoom and see if it's right for you, click here to schedule a free consult. 
  • Come check out the Dare Greatly Society
  • If you're a parent who is a self-learner and enjoys knowing how to best support your kids in today's challenging world, I want to help you take your parenting to the next level. Interested? Purchase the Dare Greatly Parenting course here
  • Grab the Preparing Teens Cheat Sheet for the five vital skills they'll need to navigate today's world and overcome ANY challenge. click here.

Listen to more of my music on Spotify for streaming. 


Artist Pep Talk: Finding Inspiration - The Muse

What's the difference between those who struggle with finding inspiration for their art and those who are receiving new ideas regularly? Between those who are lit up by inspiration and those who can't find it? Artist Dates.

Perhaps your creative spark is simply suffocating beneath the weight of all your responsibilities.

For us to blossom and flourish, it requires taking the time to refill your cup, and we do this with what Julia Cameron calls Artist Dates.

Whether you have a packed full schedule, or are in a season with time on your hands, we all do better when we carve out a little space for new scenery, new stimulation for the senses, and a fresh perspective to clear our heads.

Julie Cameron is convinced that the Artist Date is the antidote to a lack of inspiration, and that the Muse isn't only for the smart, talented, or well-connected. She wants to support you when you're in the midst of your messy middle and life's responsibilities, and that's exactly what I'm sharing with you today.

What You'll Learn on this Episode: 

  • How 5 famous artists from contrasting styles and mediums found their inspiration, and how you can too by following their lead.
  • Why even the most successful, resilient people lose their creative edge and want to give up sometimes, and what to do about it instead.
  • Where to start if you are new to Artist Dates.
  • The secret to overcoming creative blocks and regularly connecting with (or reconnecting with) your Muse.

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#54 - When a Child is Taking Advantage of Your Kind Nature

In today's episode, we’re talking about when a child, and by that, I mean an older child - a young adult - is taking advantage of your kind nature. If you have young children, this will still be relevant to you, because I love to think about parenting with the end in mind - which is to raise happy, resilient kids who thrive out in the world and who we have a fulfilling, balanced relationship of give and take together as they get older and as we get older.


This topic is something that I’ve experienced as a sibling, as a sister, but not as a parent, and I want to be upfront about that because I’m speaking as a sister who’s seen this happen in the family, and I’m speaking as a coach who coaches parents on this dynamic, when a child is taking advantage of your good heart, your big loving heart, your kind nature. 


I will always mourn the version of my brother I thought he’d be when we grew up. He never became that person. And so it’s sad to me. But it’s also okay, because I believe that this life isn’t the end and that broken things find healing even on the other side of heaven. 


What I’ve decided is that I will always be kind to my brother. Sometimes, kindness looks different than being “nice.” In other words, I will always tell him the truth. I don’t pretend anymore that his choices don’t hurt me and that I’m not sad. 


I used to pretend. He has a difficult time with regulating his emotions, so often what he’ll do if you even hint that you don’t like something he’s doing, like continuing to drink even though it’s ruining his health, he’ll yell and fly off the handle and swear and just have a big man tantrum. It’s not fun. 


But I want to offer you a promise here. I feel that strongly about this, that as you learn to tolerate your child’s anger, it’s one of the kindest things you can do for yourself and for your child, and it is THE MOST powerful parenting skill you can build.


  • How to set better boundaries to help your child think through consequences, build emotion regulation eventually, and build self-trust.
  • The difference between being 'nice' and being 'kind' in your parenting.
  • How to identify and be honest with your emotions in order to take care of your heart.
  • Why it's not personal when children choose unwisely.
  • My favorite truth to anchor your parenting in: (hint - two things can be equally true at the same time.)


  • When you’re ready to turn these insights from the podcast into action in your own life, come check out Dare Greatly Coaching with Danielle
  • If you’re a musician, an artist, an entrepreneur, a coach who is ready to create that thing you are wanting to create, I want to help you get your work out into the world. Interested? Join the Dare Greatly Creator 10 week coaching program here.
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  • Download 'Old Man Moses' song by clicking here. 

I'm running a 10 week coaching program this fall! This is for anyone who wants to create that thing that is calling to them to create, but they want some support, guidance, and coaching to help them get it done. It's affordably priced, click here to join me. We start September 12th, 2023. Space is limited. 


#53 - Why I Love Future Focus, and Why You Will Too

I've learned that if we better understand how to set our Future Self up for success, we can trust ourselves at every stage, build a friendly relationship with who we will become down the road, and that there is tremendous power in this. 

This is why I love Future Focus and why I think you will too. 

Many of us have some painful circumstances from our pasts and don't know how to keep the past where it belongs; we bring it into our future. If this is something you struggle with and you want a better idea of what you need to do, this episode is for you. 

Tune in this week for a fresh look at how to get excited about your future. I'm sharing tips and mindset shifts so you can set your Future Self up for the best possible outcomes. Part of this will involve honoring your dreams for yourself and saying yes to them, even though you don't know how to make them come true, yet. 

I'm running a 10 week coaching program this fall! This is for anyone who wants to create that thing that is calling to them to create, but they want some support, guidance, and coaching to help them get it done. It's affordably priced, click here to join me. We start September 12th, 2023. Space is limited. 

What You'll Learn on this Episode: 

  • Why, as humans, our brains don't like to think about our Future Self.
  • How to help your teenagers and young adults when they are in the middle of an Existential Crisis thinking about their future.
  • How to stop wishing your past were different and make peace with it moving forward.
  • Why even healthy humans have pitfalls and what to do about yours.
  • How to build a healthy relationship with your Future Self and stop thinking of her as a stranger. 

Mentioned on the Show:

  • When you’re ready to turn these insights from the podcast into action in your own life, come check out Dare Greatly Coaching with Danielle
  • If you’re a musician, an artist, an entrepreneur, a coach who is ready to create that thing you are wanting to create, I want to help you get your work out into the world. Interested? Join the Dare Greatly Creator 10 week coaching program here.
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Artist Pep Talk: Spiritual Electricity

There's one tool I learned about when I first started to take my creativity and art more seriously, and it's still a foundational practice that grounds me every day. That tool is: Morning Pages, or as I call them, Artist Pages. You may not know what Artist Pages are, but this tool will help you tap into Spiritual Electricity and serve as a guidepost as you navigate your creative recovery.

Almost everyone I talk to who is creative doesn't seem to feel confident in their creativity all the time. However, when you don't feel grounded in your unique role, it slows you down and causes you to hide. So, if you want to know how to tap into your own brand of spiritual electricity, today's episode is for you. 

Tune in this week to start being led by a creative force that wants to partner with you in your creative endeavors. I'm sharing why spiritual electricity is so powerful, how to implement a simple practice that puts your Inner Critic in her proper place, and I'm showing you where I recommend you start so you can enjoy more spiritual electricity with your creativity in a simple way. 

What You'll Learn on this Episode: 

  • Why our creativity can sometimes be hard to access and what to do if it is.
  • How spiritual electricity helps you stay grounded and honor your authenticity.
  • Where to start if you are new to honoring your creativity.
  • The evolution of my spiritual electricity practice and how I've kept creating when feeling stuck.

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#52 - Leading With Your Strengths in Business & Motherhood with Ceri Paye

I'm excited to introduce you to today's guest. I've wanted to share her with you ever since she became my business coach last year and helped me organize my time and focus on my priorities in business and motherhood. 

Hearing her perspective on leading with your strengths will give you new ways to think about what you are capable of, and it compliments the work we do as mothers. In fact, without knowing what your strengths are, there's a common pitfall of chasing success that isn't tailored to your unique purpose. 

Sometimes, it can feel like you're spinning your wheels in motherhood and in business if you're juggling both. Time Management and Strategy Coach for Entrepreneurs, Ceri Payne, is here to help you understand where our pitfalls are coming from when feeling stuck, and how you can start to make powerful shifts in your beliefs that can help you move forward with more confidence. 

Tune in this week to hear from the brilliant Ceri Payne. She's sharing everything you need to know about managing entrepreneurship and motherhood with more confidence. We're discussing how our beliefs shape our reality in both roles, what it feels like when you find balance in your schedule, and some of the ways you can lead with your strengths.

What You'll Learn on this Episode: 

  • What leading with your strengths means and how to be more aware of yours.
  • How Ceri's background as a special-ed curriculum creator has helped her in her work as a business strategy coach.
  • Why Ceri saw a need to help mothers balance their dream businesses with motherhood.
  • What changes when you understand what your own strengths are, and how to stop comparing yourself to others' strengths.
  • How your Time Management is unique and can be tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Why your brain's beliefs about being successful in motherhood AND business can set you up for success.
  • How to work with Ceri if you are wanting help with Time Management and business strategy.

Mentioned on the Show: 

  • Ceri Payne on Instagram 
  • Coaching with Ceri for ambitious, high-achieving professionals wanting to balance work and family. 
  • Dare Greatly Coaching with Danielle Vaughn.
  • Direct Message Danielle for getting on the waitlist for the Dare Greatly Artist Mastermind group coming fall, 2023. 


#51 - Givers and Takers

Have you ever found yourself confused about when to say Yes to something you don't really want to do, but feel you should, and when to say No? Have you ever said Yes and secretly hated it? Or said No and felt selfish? The truth is there are lots of good intended people who secretly wish they didn't say Yes all the time and there are good people who say no who aren't selfish.

In this week's episode, we're going to break down how to like your reasons for when you choose to take on the Giver role and when you choose to take on the Taker role. I'm helping you consider your intentionality behind each role so you can align your reasons with your values.

I'm also teaching how to teach your kids to be healthy Givers. 

Join me as we explore how to be a healthy Giver versus an unhealthy Giver, and a healthy Taker versus an unhealthy Taker. I'll share common examples that illustrate how different intentionality can lead to different outcomes and offer practical tips for operating from reasons that help you feel empowered. 

What You'll Learn on this Episode:

  • The hidden ways your reasons for Giving or Taking may be holding you back and making it harder than it needs to be.
  • How to help your child get out of their comfort zone and be a Giver without manipulating or guilt-tripping them.
  • Real-life examples of how to shift your intentionality if your reasons for being a Giver are causing resentment.
  • Why getting crystal clear on your reasons for being a Taker matter, and how to choose intentions that align with your values. 

Do you wonder if coaching would really help you? Is coaching something you want to try, but you don't know if you're the right fit for it? Schedule a consult call with Danielle, completely free, you'll have the opportunity to ask Danielle your questions and get unstuck from whatever is needing some attention. So click here to schedule today!


Artist Pep-Talk: Your Life is a Work of Art

Welcome to the first episode in a new series here at Dare Greatly Coaching: Artist Pep-Talk. These episodes are specifically for those of you who are interested in accessing more of your creativity. I'll be teaching concepts from Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way; A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, speaking to the topics that are most important to all the creative folks listening, whether you consider yourself as a Creator or wish you could be.

Whether you're a musician, a coach building a business like I have, a yoga teacher, a stay-at-home mom, a doctor, or any other kind of human, when you're in this society of ours, it can start to feel like your creative yearnings are frivolous. It seems like there isn't time to be creative or pay attention to your artistic dreams. But the more important question here is, is there such a thing as a non-creative human? And do I honor my creativity or do I dismiss it and therefor feel unfulfilled?

Tune into this episode to discover whether you are allowing yourself to say Yes to your creativity, or whether your brain is thinking too narrowly on what it means to be an Artist. I'm discussing the psychology behind the thought that your life is a work of art, why I believe this thought is so empowering, and how to be more open-minded in the way you think of yourself in terms of having more fun with your creativity. Life is meant to have to some fun and fulfillment. Saying Yes to your inner artist is the way. 

What You'll Learn on this Episode:

  • Some of the reasons your brain is going to this idea you aren't creative or aren't really an Artist.
  • Why I don't believe there's any such thing as a non-creative human.
  • The reasons we generally dismiss our creativity.
  • Why some Artists haven't succeeded in their art...yet.
  • How to question yourself with a wider lens, so you can decide if you truly believe your life is a work of art.
  • Why I believe we actually need more Artists who say yes to their creativity in the world. 

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#50 - Purpose Over Perfection: Make it Sweet Tuscan Retreats to Italy

Have you ever struggled to find the right time, especially when you’re in the thick of running a household, and raising your beautiful kids, have you ever found yourself wanting to take a little break, a little vacation and just have a breather, a reset, and some space to reconnect to yourself, your dreams, your inner voice, your purpose?


You love being a mother, you love your life, but you also would love something to rekindle your spark, to light your fire, maybe you need some girl time, but you’ve told yourself not yet - you’re too needed on the homefront?


I certainly have. And my guests today are here to show us how they felt the same way too, and how they’ve created the exact experience your soul might be craving to have those needs, that inner fulfillment you are yearning for, met.


In this episode, travel experts Maria and Gina, share their dream of taking women to Tuscany, Italy - in an easy, affordable way. You'll discover:

  • How to make room for an adventure even when it feels hard.
  • Why Italy holds magic for your motherhood, your dreams and your marriage.
  • The Italian approach to creating purpose over perfection.
  • How to rekindle friendships with women that will restore your soul in a supportive way.
  • Why everything is figureoutable, even when it doesn't feel like it is.

If you want to stop feeling stuck and rekindle your spark in every way, these lessons learned from Maria and Gina are for you.

I met Maria and Gina years ago when our kids were toddlers and was immediately impressed by them. Then, I saw them run their own businesses alongside motherhood while mastering the art of the side-hustle.

They work with their Italian-American mother in her business Four Retro Sisters, which is a vintage/modern handcrafted shop for hand-sewn aprons. They ship their aprons all over the world to happy shop owners, grandmothers, and women so they can make magic in their homes.

In addition to the apron business, their Make Life Sweet - Tuscan Retreats they hold in Italy twice a year help women discover the hidden gems of Tuscany, Italy. The days are spent exploring medieval hilltop towns, delighting in authentic food, and enjoying off-the-beaten path experiences.

I hope you'll put Maria's and Gina's wisdom into action as soon as you can. If you want to go on an adventure - and nurture deep, meaningful friendships - this is the way to do it!

Italy has never been easier and more affordable!

Learn more about going to Italy; click here.



#49 - You Are Only Just Beginning

This week, I'm discussing a concept that might be difficult to adopt if you're in the messy middle of mid-life or feeling weary thinking about the past; the concept that you are only just beginning. 

In her book, You Are Only Just Beginning, by Morgan Harper Nichols, she uses lessons from Mother Nature to illustrate this concept in a poetic, masterful way. 

Many of us go through life thinking we've done all our important things in our younger years. But what if you could approach each season with a wider sense of possibility, optimism and a fresh perspective that your story is still unfolding? There is so much more to your story!

Tune in this week to discover why this beautiful concept is so important. I'm sharing the value of believing in fresh starts and giving you ideas of how to think about your life moving forward in a way that will generate motivation, excitement and a greater sense of possibility. 


Episode #48 - Making Room for Grace


Do you ever find yourself imagining worst-case scenarios when you see your children in the messy middle of behaviors you don't like? It's difficult to see positive outcomes from negative behaviors - but that is exactly what I am teaching today, how to make room for grace in your parenting and help your children own their results.

This doesn't just apply to parenting though. I'm helping you consider how to think about the future in ways that serve you, and giving you tips and tools to feed your brain thoughts that are more helpful and open to possibility. 

It can be difficult to imagine the future without leaning towards a negativity bias. Join me as we explore how to recognize and shift unproductive 'future thinking' in your parenting and in your own life. 

I'm sharing in more detail the example of how I helped my son with his video games to illustrate how he worked through it  where he took ownership of his results that lead to him regulating himself without me nagging. I'm also offering practical tips for generating more 'future thinking' that serves you and helps you own more exciting, confident, successful  results you can be proud of.

What you'll learn on this episode:


  • The hidden ways we think about our children may be holding them back and doing them a disservice. 
  • Actionable tips for identifying and redirecting the brain to make room for grace in your thinking.
  • Real-life examples of how imagining worst-case scenarios can create what you don't want instead of what you do want. 
  • The power of thinking about the future in terms of possibility and excitement versus negative outcomes.
  • Why changing the way you show up in your parenting can help your children own their results in powerful ways and build more connection in the relationship.


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Episode #47 - How to Help Your Teen Be the Hero of their Own Story with Joey Mascio

Many parents feel overwhelmed with helping their teens navigate the use of phones, socical media, and video games, in such a way where they learn to regulate themselves and become the hero of their own story. I hear from many parents that they don't want to be the 'bad buy' - but they know they need to step in and guide their teens with their use of phones and technology.

My guest on this episode is someone who has a brilliant approach when it comes to helping teens set goals, decide who they want to become, own their results and be the hero of their own story. Joey Mascio is the creator of a coaching program called Sidekick to Hero. His coaching is perfect for teens ages 12 - 16 and includes a gamified mindset training app that looks and feels like a video game where the teen is the main character. Teens can watch short, powerful training videos and then complete challenges in the real world. 

My own son worked with Joseph for an eight week coaching series where I saw powerful shifts in his ability to regulate himself with video games and make goals he is proud of. His mental resilience increased exponentially, and his confidence in himself to pursue his goals has shifted in powerful ways. 

If you're working on your relationship with your teen, or you're working on improving your parenting strategy, you're going to find so many gems in our conversation. 

Listen in today as Joey shares his top tips for helping teens write their own 'hero story' and how to feel more confident. He's busting the myth that parenting teens is hard, showing you how to shift your mindset that you have to own your teen's results, (hint: teens should take ownership of their own results), and sharing his best advice for parents who are wondering how to help their teens thrive. 

What You'll Learn on this Episode:
  • Why Joey loves working with teens and the reason he's so effective with this age group.
  • The difference between taking on your teen's results as your own, and letting your teen own their own results.
  • How you can work on your relationship with your teen and make improvements in their time management.
  • One of the most important parenting factors that can improve improve your teen's chances of taking charge of their future.
  • Joey's insights for how to talk to a teen who isn't regulating themselves very well.
  • Why the story your teen is telling themselves is so important to understand, and how to help them write a better story.
  • The difference between what teens struggle with today versus their parents.
  • Joey's tips on working with your teen, and your real role. 
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Episode #46 - What to Say, When You Don't Know What to Say

Sometimes we don't know what to say when our loved ones are distressed. Especially if we're struggling with our own feelings of overwhelm and frustration. However, knowing what to say when we don't know what to say IS possible, and I want to teach you the framework I use with my own loved ones so you have more connection and influence in your relationships.

When our loved ones are hurting or distressed, we tend to take on one of two roles: the Fixer or the Trust Builder. Most of us on default go into Fixer mode too soon, before our loved ones are ready. When we do this, we run into problems, such as shutdown, stalemates, not being listened to, and disconnection. 

Instead of not being listened to, I'm showing you how to get super grounded in your energy and know what to say so you can develop trust with your loved ones: they will WANT to listen to you when they have problems that need to be solved. The framework I'm teaching is called Emotion Coaching, developed by Dr.(s) John and Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute. 

Once you implement Emotion Coaching into your life, you will know how to handle any BIG emotions your loved ones have.

Imagine how powerful that will be in your family legacy! Many of us were never taught this. This episode will change everything in terms of your confidence to handle anything your loved ones are facing that may seem overwhelming. Learn how to be a Trust Builder of goodness for your loved ones so they feel empowered to solve their problems with you as their guide. 


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Episode #45 - Goals with Heart

I've noticed for myself, my children, my music students, and my clients, that sometimes we don't have a healthy relationship with goals and intentions. Especially if we're struggling with believing it's okay to have desires, we don't want to go all in with desire if it feels like a never ending cycle of wanting more, or not feeling like we are ever good enough.

"Desire is a teacher: When we immerse ourselves in it without guilt, shame or clinging, it can show us something special about our own minds that allows us to embrace life fully." - Mark Epstein, Open to Desire

This is at the very root of setting goals with heart. Something beautiful happens when you start to examine your desires. You begin to set goals because you know that if you don't, you can inadvertently shut down your potential to grow.

Desire hurts so good. It is an ache that we will never escape from, unless we are shutting it down and numbing our capacity for joy. When we numb out our inner desires and wants, it affects all our senses, as well as our capacity to feel alive.

Goals with heart will give you a straightforward path toward a healthy relationship with goals. Focus on how you want to FEEL to fuel your actions, and who you are becoming along the way. This will give your goals some soul, your goals will have heart. And this is a beautiful thing, friend.

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Episode #44 - Let Your Heart Be Light : caring "too much" about other people's opinions

What does it mean to let your heart be light? Did you know there are ways to not let other people’s opinions weigh you down? I’m not just talking about not caring what other people think, but throughout the festive season, you can decide right now to create a better experience as you navigate all the gatherings with extended family and show up exactly as you want without letting other people’s judgments weigh on you.

Of course, we can’t control anybody else’s opinions of us, but today, I’m going to help you create a vision of real confidence and authenticity, and show you how to resonate in more self-compassion. So, if you’re ready to let your heart be light this holiday season, listen closely.

Tune in this week to discover what it means to be caring, without caring "too much" and fall into the people-pleasing dynamic that leaves you feeling resentful. I’m sharing two simple, practical tips to implement that guarantee you will experience more peace on earth, not only this time of year, but moving forward for years to come.

If you want to gift your loved ones an amazing Christmas gift this year, I’ve got just the thing for you. Grab a three month membership to Dare Greatly that will get activated right after Christmas, along with a notebook and pretty pen to wrap up and a printable gift certificate! Go to for all the details!

What You’ll Learn on this Episode:

  • Why “caring too much” is not a problem, and the REAL definition of what it means to be Confident and caring at the same time.
  • What it means to live your life from Authenticity versus people-pleasing.
  • Two considerations that will help you let your heart be light, versus being weighed down by other people’s criticisms or judgments of you.
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Episode #43 - Three Truths to Escape the Mom Guilt Trap

In a culture where moms place high expectations on themselves (and we do so in order to be the best moms we can be), what many of us lack is the ability to manage the emotion of guilt in a healthy way. When we're thinking it's our fault for a child's poor choices, it's vital to take time to own what is ours as mothers to own, and let go of what is not ours to own, so you can set yourself free from the burden of Mom Guilt.

This episode offers a practical approach for escaping the mom guilt trap so we can experience more peace in our parenting. If you identify as someone who experiences a lot of guilt, and often feel discouraged, frustrated, or hard on yourself for your child's choices, you're in the right place.

Listen in and learn what to do when you are in the thick of experiencing Mom Guilt. Spoiler alert: the solution here isn't to be hard on yourself in order to do better.

Learn powerful mindset shifts for trusting yourself with more confidence in how you parent and teach and connect, no matter your child's age or stage. 

Because yes, parenting is hard! It demands a lot of us. But trusting yourself and the way you showed up as a parent is available to you, mistakes and all. And nothing from your past can keep you from stepping into trusting yourself more in the present, and moving forward in the future as you create a family and a legacy you are proud of, without guilt and without regret. I want this for you!

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Episode #42 - Growth Mindset Momentum: The #1 Question I Get Asked about Raising a Talented Child

Over the course of my music teaching career and through the programs I run in my coaching practice, I've had the privilege of working with very talented kids and very intelligent parents and doing countless work on Growth Mindset myself. Growth Mindset is a lens I help ALL of my clients and music students develop, and I've learned some powerful lessons about how to cultivate it that I want to share with you today.

If you've ever felt worried about how to build your child's self-esteem and help them enjoy their talents, you have to tune in. You might think you are building your child's self-esteem when you tell them how amazing they are, but in truth, I'm showing you why this is not helpful in building motivation for your child to become the best they can be.

Listen in to discover why I believe the way we compliment our child matters; how as parents, we have the power to either help our children have strong internal motivation, or we're actually taking away from their internal drive to do their best, without meaning to. It comes down to knowing how to praise our child in such a way that builds TRUE self-esteem.

What you'll learn on this episode:
  • Why Growth Mindset is so powerful in raising confident kids.
  • The Three powerful lessons I've learned about motivating children to develop their talents and what NOT to do.
  • How to help your child when she is comparing herself to others who are 'more talented.'
  • The best way to praise your child versus telling them, 'you're amazing!' (and why that actually hurts their self-esteem.)
  • The emotions you need to build tolerance in with yourself so you can help your child tolerate their own tricky emotions.
Mentioned on the show:


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Episode #41 - More Faith

Sometimes I am asked how to have more faith. And whether you consider yourself as someone with a lot of faith, or you don't affiliate with an organized religion, but you know there's a loving presence that is bigger than you and wants your greatest good, I have a lot to say about faith and I think you'll find some gold nuggets in here that will change the way you think about prayer.

From prayers of fear to prayers of faith, I'm speaking to the difference between the two types of prayers, so lean in and get ready for an intimate peak into how I have found a sure way to access the powers of heaven to trust my parenting journey with more faith.

You'll discover how to take your prayers to a deeper sense of faith and connection. I'm offering advice on what I've learned from spending most of my time in my earlier years praying a prayer of fear, and why I now know those prayers left me feeling more disconnected.

Learning how to pray with more faith has shifted my confidence and connection with God in a profound way, and I'm sharing it all in this episode.


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Episode #40 - Lessons from Thirty Years Together

Why is marriage worth the effort? How does a couple work through challenges and keep choosing each other given their differences?

These are relationship questions I work through with my clients, as well as questions I've pondered over the 30 years I've been married to Ethan.

We just celebrated our 30 year wedding anniversary. In today's episode, Ethan and I discuss our challenges we've worked through, how we approach creating 'shared meaning' in our relationship, and based on our experiences and trials, what makes a good marriage.

I know many of you are wondering how Ethan is doing since his stroke, so I'm sharing an update on how we've rebuilt our lives together since that hardship, and how it pertains to how you can work on your marriage relationship when you experience setbacks to how you thought things would go, but life has something different in mind.

Download the song 'Chocolate Kisses'
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Episode #39 - Motivation : It's Not What You Think

Motivation is a skill more than it is a mood, and when you learn to build it as a skill, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Listen in today to find out the truth about motivation, all the benefits of overcoming resistance, and how to generate motivation in yourself and your children when doing hard things.

What you will discover:

  • The common myths about motivation and how to work with your resistance.
  • What to do when you feel apathy or dread.
  • How to cultivate motivation in your children to do their best and stick to hard things.
  • Why being hard on yourself (or your children) isn't useful when motivation is low.

Our desires are important. They are the roadmap to follow towards living a fulfilled, full life that has meaning. If your motivation is low or if you have a loved one who is struggling with their motivation, this episode will give you actionable tools to start using today.


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Episode #38 - How to Enjoy  Your Body More through the Summer Months

If you could go through the entire summer without worrying about your body image, what would that change for you in terms of enjoying yourself more?

Maybe you’re worried of being in a swimsuit, your legs in shorts, your weight, your lack of a suntan. Does this sound familiar?

If it does, I want to invite you to do something extraordinary with me this summer. Make peace with where your body is, today, and cultivate a little body peace, one step at a time.

I am teaching you how to do this with the things I've learned after working with women clients of all ages. It’s vital we have tools to cultivate our own version of authentic beauty standards and health and nutrition goals.

In this episode, I share what authentic beauty standards are on your own terms, and how you can quiet the loud voices of body shame if that's something that comes up for you during the summer months.

If you have the urge to enjoy a better experience with your body, it’s time to move toward health and wellness goals that are authentic to your unique body. Today, I tell you how to do just that!

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Episode #37 - How to Talk with Kids About World Events

How comfortable are you talking about sad or scary world events?

Maybe you are very open in your family. Maybe you don't know where to start.

But thinking about your children and building their tolerance for the hard things that happen in the world, you'll want to be in tune to your child's readiness.

In this episode, I break down why showing your children how to find answers is the ultimate key to helping your kids feel safe in the world.

I want you to feel so grounded talking about it and to start building your child's distress tolerance so they don't feel alone in the hard things.

Grab your copy of my new PDF download, Conversation Starters: How to Talk with Your Kids About Scary Things (available for email subscribers). It gives you question prompts and small scripts to facilitate connecting conversations. It's the truest shortcut to being able to talk about hard things!

In this episode you will discover:

  • How to start the conversation, the soft "lead ins".
  • How to take your child's emotional or sensitivity temperature.
  • Why you need to be the first one in on these conversations.
  • Why talking about it is so important.
  • How to know if your child feels safe, moving forward.

My goal is to give you some strategies, even some question prompts and scripts to work through with your kids to help them build some resilience skills and distress tolerance, and some connection with you when they are faced with world events that are sad.

I'm passionate about helping prepare children to be emotionally resilient, especially during hard times.

And I love helping you show up in your parenting and giving you practical solutions so can start meaningful conversations that build closeness and some resiliency.

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Episode #36 - Ten Things Happy Moms Know

If you could clarify your parenting values in ten principles, what would they be?

Maybe you know exactly what your values are, the things that are important to you in parenting, your truths you want to pass on to your kids, your 'no matter whats'. Maybe you have no idea?

If you aren't sure, I want to invite you to do some digging with me.

I am sharing my parenting principles and teaching you how to do the same in an upcoming course. It’s in this program that you will truly parent with so much confidence, and reinvent your parenting strategy from the ground up.

This is not about being hard on yourself as a mom, or thinking you are doing it wrong. It’s bigger than that.

In this episode, I share what parenting principles guide my connection with my kids, why it's important to know yours, and how to become more grounded when you interact with your children so you can look back and truly love the way you showed up as a mom.

It doesn't matter how old or young your children are, this episode applies. If you have the urge to enjoy this thing called parenting more, it’s time to clarify what's important to you, and why. Today, I tell you how I do that so that you can too.

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Episode #35 - Men and Anger

This episode addresses an issue that many women deal with in their marriages and I want to give you some insight and strategies on what to do with issues relating to men and anger.

One thing to keep in mind: this isn’t in the context of abuse, men and anger and abuse or domestic violence. That’s a different topic and discussion. I’m speaking to the couple who is in a healthy relationship, but experiences some tension around the emotion of anger, and who is wondering what to do with that tension. 

My main questions in addressing this topic are:

  • 1. What is healthy anger, and what constitutes anger issues?
  • 2. Is it okay for men to be angry? And if so, what does that look like? 
  • 3. How can we reframe anger as a valid human emotion versus a character flaw?
  • 4. When is Anger useful? And when is it not useful?
  • 5. How can I deal with an angry husband? What strategies will help me when I’m uncomfortable with my husband’s anger?

Anger has such a negative reputation compared to other emotions. Perhaps the lack of respect for it as a valid human emotion comes from some cultural or religious reasons, and of course how it can devolve into violence.

But more and more, psychologists are giving anger its due respect as a valid emotion to pay attention to, since its valuable qualities include pointing out when we are out of alignment with our values, and how it motivates and energizes us to solve problems. 

Anger holds important information about how to love each other better. 

This is about learning how to problem solve together if you are uncomfortable with the emotion of anger and how your husband expresses it.

Being upset is part of the human experience. Now what?

Listen in this week to learn how to set boundaries and process anger, and show up in an intentional way. I share why people-pleasing and walking on eggshells isn't the answer.

Men experience anger differently than women, in general. It's true. But we don't have to fix men and anger. Instead, we get to decide how we want to show up.

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Episode #34 - Bittersweet

How intensely do you feel the emotion 'Bittersweet'?

Maybe you aren't sure if it's something else, like Grief, or Nostalgia. Maybe you know it for exactly what it is.

But navigating this emotion can ask a lot of us, it can require us to draw on our best tools in order to avoid some of the pitfalls that this emotion can create for us; especially if we've experienced heartbreak or loss in the past.

Knowing the difference between the nuances of the Bittersweet emotion, versus Grief for instance, is everything. Because it can either leave you empowered to fight for a beautiful future, or leave you feeling super sad.

In this episode, I break down why allowing the Bittersweet emotion in a healthy way is the key to resetting a beautiful relationship moving forward. Learn how to handle the tension inside of your headspace and your heartspace and practice your skills of emotional resilience.

I want you to embrace the Bittersweet emotion with a whole heart. And I want you to know you CAN handle it.

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Episode #33 - The Power of Emotional Intelligence


The power of Emotional Intelligence is the most important skill we can acquire. Those who have it do better in their careers, their friendships, marriages, parenting, and so on. Emotional Intelligence is a higher predictor of success than academic intelligence. But I don’t think we believe this - especially if we have adopted the notion that expressing emotions is weak.

There are four skills that are vital components to work on acquiring. They are:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management

In this episode, I’m offering to you that your most important work should be assessing which skill is difficult for you, and then building on that skill with intention.

Tune in this week to discover the true power of emotional intelligence in your life. I’m sharing where I see the most common pitfalls with emotional intelligence, and how to up-level your skills, and perhaps most important of all, why it matters.


Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves; Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett; Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown


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Episode #32 - How to Fall in Love with your Goals


Did you know it's possible to fall in love with your goals?

In this episode, you'll learn how to shift any negativity you might have with the whole goal rah rah conversation from the past that may not have left you feeling very good about yourself.

We’ve all been there, made goals, then lost steam, and just kind of moved on - learning the lesson that goal setting might not be our thing. I want the opposite for you. I want to help you fall in love with your belief and  your capability to do what you set your mind to.

Before you make any New Year's resolutions or write down your goals, I've given you three questions to ask yourself to help you get really clear on WHY the goal matters to you. If your reason is fear based, your experience going after the goal will look completely different than if your reason is fueled by a different emotion than fear.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • how to approach goals from a place of self-respect versus fear.
  • why discipline only takes us so far and what to use instead.
  • how to generate motivation that is sustaining and gathers with momentum as time goes on.
  • three important questions to ask yourself before making any goal.
  • how to really make yourself proud.

If goals have left you skeptical in the past, then this episode is for you.

Not only will you learn how to build trust with yourself, you will feel grounded in your ability to accomplish your dreams. As you answer the three questions I’ve given you today with honesty and kindness towards yourself, you will fall in love with your new goal setting strategy.

Let’s create our best year yet.

Mentioned on  the show:

Ceri Payne - Business Coach for moms with ADHD.

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Episode #31 - Money Beliefs

I find that most of us have a complex relationship with money and how managing it was modeled for us growing up. This episode mainly focuses on money confidence and beliefs that help and beliefs that harm. 

So in order to do that, we start with the Scarcity / Abundance framework. 

What I’ve noticed is that most of us are a little worn out about the Abundance discussion. We see a movement to pair down, to simplify, a movement toward minimalism versus materialism, and I think that is a beautiful thing.

But at the same time, we’re still talking about, especially in the self-help world, we’re told if only we have an Abundance Mindset, we will succeed and enjoy the finer things in life. I’m good with all of that, but where it gets tricky is when it crosses over into a desire-driven mental exercise that can quickly turn into exhaustion for all the wanting.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Have you experienced this?

We break it all down in today's episode about Money Beliefs. Listen in and learn the top emotions that will serve you the most in regards to money and confidence.

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Episode #30 - Strong Like Sarah; Conversations with my Friends series - Amy Frei, Sarah's mom


In this episode, Danielle is joined by Amy Frei, mother of Sarah Frei of Strong Like Sarah, (who has captured the hearts of Instagram.) Listen in to learn how their family has dealt with the difficult circumstance of Sarah being hit by a drunk driver and her road to recovery after the accident.

Chronicling the events that have occurred a little over a year ago, Amy shares insights into Sarah's resilience, the remarkable attitude she has adopted, and the way she thinks as Sarah builds a new life for herself.

You'll learn more about how Sarah caught the attention of Nashville country singer and superstar, Russell Dickerson and received a standing ovation at the Country Music Awards, the prayers that have been answered as part of Sarah's healing journey, how the Frei family supports Sarah's independence in college, and the role of forgiveness in Sarah's ability to move forward. 

Perhaps most amazing of all, Amy helps us believe in miracles. You're sure to fall in love with this beautiful family. Enjoy!

Links for this episode:

Thank you in advance for your generosity. 🤟🏼

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Episode #29  When Things Change and you Don't Want Them to

We talk alot on this podcast about thinking in ways that serve you. But we haven't discussed how to apply it when you're facing a big change that you don't want to face.

Dealing with change can feel so difficult to grapple with. It can make you want to avoid the change and maybe even resist it in unhealthy ways.

But you don't have to avoid or resist change.

If you can identify the stages I lay out today, you can go through change with more grace and elevate your ability to trust yourself with anything life throws your way.

In this episode, I give you four tips to follow in order to allow for going through change with more grace. I teach you how to fight for your future, and not get stuck in 'the good ole days' mentality. The four tips will show you how to be gentle with yourself through change, even when you don't love what life is asking of you.

You've got this. You can handle this.

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Episode #28  We All Mess Up our Children: A Message of Hope - Attachment Theory Insights Every Parent Needs to Know

Trust issues show up for many of us. Attachment Theory may explain why.

Based on our childhoods, how we were nurtured, and based on our temperaments, we developed what I call trust templates, which is just in simple terms, your default programming with your ability to trust. Sometimes, our trust templates need some attention and updating. 

Attachment Theory can help you see through a more clear lens the areas where to work on building trust. It’s a skill that can be developed.

In today's episode, you'll learn:

  • the definition of the different Attachment Styles.
  • the history of where Attachment Theory came into being in the psychology world, why it’s still such a valid theory. (You’ll want to see if you can identify your own Attachment Style as you listen.)
  • how your Attachment Style lays a foundation for your assumptions about relationships as an adult and how it affects your ability to trust.
  • some tips on how you can more gracefully heal and up-level your own attachment style in your present relationships.
  • and answer the burning question everyone has after learning about Attachment Styles, (I’m sure you’ll have this question in your mind too,) which is, can your Attachment Style change over time? Is it too late?

When you learn how to trust, you get to experience more fulfilling relationships that are deeply satisfying. And I want that for all of you.

Download your Attachment Style Quiz here

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Episode #27  Kindred Spirits: How to be an Amazing Friend

We have many expectations when it comes to our friendships.

We believe that kindred spirits friendships should be easy. They must believe the same way we do, never have disagreements, and always be fun. And if our friends let us down, believe new things, or move away, we distance ourselves.

Does that sound familiar?

The expectations we put on our friendships are difficult to live up to. It is always our job to go first, to love, and to not try to change the other person.

On this episode of The Dare Greatly Podcast, I share 7 tips on how you can be an amazing friend and find your kindred spirits. These tips will not only make your friendship more fulfilling but also make you feel like you have the most amazing friends ever.

Click “play” below to check it out.

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Episode #26  Afghanistan

I see a need to address what to do when you are feeling helpless and how to handle the passion and the caring and the concern you carry in your heart when it seems the world is burning.

I'm sharing with you some ideas of what empowered people think. You’ve probably heard about what people who are empowered do, to make the world better, but today I’m sharing with you the way they think.

For those of us who are interested in improving ourselves and the world, as we’re trying to manage our heads and our hearts – I want to offer to you that you are a leader – do you think of yourself that way? You are - if you’ve chosen to be intentional with how you want to use your precious life energy, toward making the world a better place. Today's episode will give you insights, examples and ideas of how to move forward when it seems the world is burning.

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Episode #25 How to Foster a Sense of Belonging among Women Friendships; conversation with my friends series: interview with Lisa Nelson.

A topic on my mind and heart right now, I’m coming off of a lot of summer camps and experiences rubbing shoulders with amazing young women.  

Do you know, that you all are raising some amazing girls out there?

I really love this age group, the young women in their teenage and young adult years.

I’m always impressed with their intelligence these days, they are smart! and also how hard they work, the things they navigate in today’s world that I didn’t necessarily have to face. . .

Today’s episode is about considering how to model to the younger generation, how to help the young women in your life cultivate a sense of belonging with each other; being willing to embrace the friendships in your life from a place of curiosity and non-judgement.

This age group can set up a tone or a them for the rest of women’s lives, with their ability to enjoy each other.

I’ve noticed a theme with my clients with needing to heal resentments from the past with friendships gone awry, and I’m always so proud of women who put forth the effort to have the hard conversations, clean up the hurt feelings, and who conclude that friendships with other women are worth all of it.

This can be a tender area for a lot of us. I’ve found that there are some old wounds from friendships gone south that can hurt for years, and we tend to carry those experiences into adulthood.

But today’s conversation will help you consider how we CAN heal old wounds, we can shift this dynamic, and move forward, if that is something that is calling to you.

Join me in the conversation, I asked my friend, Lisa Nelson, to share her insights with how she thinks about women friendships and how her approach is not only possible, it's the best way.

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Episode #24 Parenting with Purpose

Can you love your children WHEN they're being difficult?⁠ When they're in the thick of MAKING YOUR LIFE difficult?⁠

This is a question I keep coming back to often.⁠ And I want to always be curious about it. . .⁠

It's one I've grappled with throughout my parenting journey. ⁠And I know lots of other mamas do, too.⁠

We're diving into it in this episode, and I'll tell you why I think it's not only possible, it's THE BEST WAY.⁠

Listen in and learn how to shift your head and heart space from what I call 'Victim Mom Energy' to more empowered emotions, such as: curiosity, compassion, grounded, and trusting, and why it's vital you operate from these emotions instead.


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Episode #23 Life Lessons from Cruella and the Power of Stories


I see so many of us with limiting beliefs around how we tell our own story, which wouldn’t be a problem if these beliefs weren’t directly affecting our sense of self. These limiting beliefs hold us back from creating the best version of ourselves, and I’m showing you how to start thinking differently about the meaning of stories, the role of anger and revenge, and the option of developing more loving-kindness.

If you have thoughts about Disney's new movie, Cruella, or that anger and outrage is easier, you might be missing huge opportunities to add more goodness to the world. And you are missing out on why loving-kindness is worth it in the end, nobody wins. It’s all about thinking about how you tell your story in a way that gets you the results you really want, which is to FEEL better.

Tune in this week as I break down the limiting beliefs I see with the role of anger and outrage when we've been wronged, if revenge is ever justified, how to cultivate more loving-kindness for fuel versus anger, and so much more.⁠

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Episode #22 Everything You Need to Manage Anxiety Like a Warrior - Part II


I recently did a five-day workshop called Master Anxiety Like a Warrior, and since this was so transformative for so many people in how they were thinking about their anxiety, I wanted to share it with all of you here on the podcast.

This episode is all about how to face worst case scenarios, which is the third step of how to manage anxiety, and lastly, to give your anxiety some grace.

There’s a lot of mind spinning and confusion that we create around having to deal with anxiety. I’m simplifying this process in a way that will inspire you to take action and start turning the anxiety habit around.

Join me today to uncover how you can manage anxiety in a purposeful way and avoid making the same mistakes I used to make when anxious. Learning how to do this is going to be such a revelation for how to enjoy being you, and you’re going to create the energy that gets you the life you want!

Download your Manage Anxiety Framework PDF by clicking here.


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Episode #21 Everything You Need to Manage Anxiety Like a Warrior - Part I


If you’re going through your days experiencing a lot of anxiety, why do you think that is? Do you know what to do with it? And if you do, what kind of support are you building to help you manage it like a warrior?

This week, I’m diving into my four step framework for managing anxiety. It’s a daunting emotion, especially if you've developed the habit of anxiety as your main tool for problem-solving, but anxiety doesn't have to run the show. What I’m hoping to provide is some motivation for you to take charge and turn the anxiety habit around.

Tune in for part one where I'm teaching my four simple steps to managing anxiety like a warrior! If you’re ready to start living your life from a place trust in yourself, and experience a more grounded energy to fuel your dreams, this show has everything you need to get started.


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Episode #20 Honor Your Creativity: A Conversation with Maui Spirit Painter

As part of the 'Conversations with my Friends' series, I interviewed Jonny Tanner, the Maui Spirit Painter who creates his livelihood as an artist by creating what he calls 'spirit paintings.' So FUN!

Our conversation uncovers insights on:

  • how to balance a creative and a business mindset
  • finding the best mentors for career advice as an artist
  • incorporating a spiritual element into your art
  • honoring your gifts and talents without apology

and so much more. Join us in the conversation and be inspired by this artist's work and personal journey as he discovered his unique path to higher creativity that has also created a sustainable business to support his family.

- Find Jonny spirit.painter on Instagram

- Spirit Painter website: book a session

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Episode #19 Connection on Purpose and How to Meet Your Needs

This episode, we’re talking about connection on purpose – the way you cultivate the kind of connection with other people that is deeply satisfying and takes full ownership of meeting your own needs. This isn’t about cultivating an “I don’t need other people to fulfill me,” kind of attitude, but rather the opposite, what you can do to minimize feelings of loneliness, and maximize feelings of connection with others in your life.

  • I’ll teach you a powerful two-step process that is one of THE MOST powerful tools to move you from feeling lonely and disconnected to feeling empowered and fulfilled in your relationships.
  • You'll learn about the brain's need for oxytocin, the 'trust' hormone, and how to create more of it for a happy brain.
  • Discover how to help your teens and young adults create better connection in their friendships, versus false connection that social media mimics.

Join me to learn more about how to create more connection on purpose and minimize loneliness in your life.

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Episode #18 Perfectionist Assumptions, Illusions, and Someday Thinking

Do you enjoy the pursuit of self-improvement, goals, and personal growth? Or do you have a negative relationship with yourself in those pursuits? If so, you might be engaging in perfectionist assumptions, illusions, and someday thinking.

It's time to operate from the emotions of 'satisfaction' and 'fulfilled' as you engage in the pursuit of personal growth and achieving your best - not because you have to prove anything to yourself or anyone else - but simply because it FEELS good to grow.

You can dream big, or not. You can play it safe, or go all in. But do it from energy and emotions that serve you, versus the 'hustle' energy that shuts us down and burns us out.

Listen in and learn how to like yourself better, enjoy being yourself more, and drop the thinking that says you'll approve of yourself someday 'when'. . . 

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Episode #17 Give Yourself Permission


Women have been taught that telling ourselves NO is what motivates change. I've got some THOUGHTS about that.⁠ Telling ourselves NO sends the message other people's opinions matter more than our own.⁠ It tells us we are not our own authority.⁠ And that doesn’t motivate nurturing behaviors.⁠

So let’s swap telling yourself NO for giving yourself permission!⁠
⁠Ideas for how to give yourself permission?

I have six areas I focus on in the podcast: Give yourself permission to

  • give yourself a compliment and celebrate small wins:
  • tell the whole truth and stop people-pleasing
  • respect and (gasp) even enjoy your body as it is - and stop always thinking about losing weight all the time.
  • be your own authority in regards to realistic beauty standards
  • want and desire more for your life.

Join me and learn how to stop saying NO to yourself, and why this matters for your overall well-being.

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Episode #16 Clean Pain & Dirty Pain


If there was one concept I wish I would have known about when I was younger, it would be this one: the difference between clean pain and dirty pain. Much of the work I do is about helping people feel better.

I know what it’s like to go through life feeling heavy and sucktastic all the time, and wondering why when I’m so blessed, - like I shouldn’t feel this way. I should be so grateful. . . I hear my clients say this a lot too.

When we’re feeling stuck in negative emotion, when we’re spinning in our own pain, it’s because we haven’t had the time, or taken the time, to do the work of cleaning up our pain. Learn how on today's episode.

Clean Pain Booklet: Download Here!

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#15 - Surviving Betrayal Trauma in Your Marriage

Conversations with My Friends Series - Emily Lee, Lifecoach and foot zoning specialist: We hold a value system with our marriage partners and when that value system in betrayed, the disrupt in our marriage can be traumatic. Betrayal trauma can also involve anything that deals with addiction with a spouse. Join me in this powerful interview as we unpack her experience with betrayal trauma in the context of pornography in her marriage, and how she worked through it.

Work with Emily: email - [email protected]
Bonus: You Have Something Special to Offer mini Workbook Download

#14 - You Are Already Worthy

Today's topic gets to the heart of what I wish I could give every single woman within my sphere of influence - I wish I could give them this personal belief - that I could package it up pretty and put a big bow on top of it and say, Here you go! I'm giving you permission to believe that you are already enough, you are already worthy! Listen in and receive this beautiful gift.


#13 - Twenty Lessons Learned in 2020

After last year, many of us are still trying to process what exactly happened! We are looking forward to 2021 with cautious optimism. We all love a clean slate, a fresh start - and this episode will hope you kick off the New Year with some light and empowerment versus carrying negativity from the previous year into the new year.

Bonus - 2020 Review mini Workbook - Download and Print


#12 - Choosing Faith When in Crisis

Do you know hot to navigate a crisis? Do you know how to manage fear and doubt during difficult times? It takes a lot of work, a lot of mental resilience, and redirecting the brain to access the useful emotions of Faith and Trust versus Fear and Anxiety when navigating a crisis. This week's episode is a vulnerable one as I share my experience with my husband's recent stroke. I'm speaking to how to develop the skills of mental resilience and emotion regulation when life throws you its inevitable curveballs.


#11 - Acres of Diamonds

Many of us go through the holiday season feeling a little weary and unsatisfied, wondering if we're doing it wrong. In this episode, I'm teaching you how to cultivate more happiness on purpose, and how to unearth your personal set of unique treasures, your acres of diamonds.


#10 Hero of her Story - Conversations with my Friends (my daughter Kate)

If you're wondering how to establish an adult relationship with your young adult daughter, in such a way where you can feel more connected and ultimately have the relationship that you want to, this episode is for you. The mother/daughter relationship has so much potential for genuine and sustaining fulfillment, but also for going awry – mainly because mothers and daughters are still working through out-dated ideas. Learn how my daughter and I navigate the next stages of our relationship as she lives on her own across the country.

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#9 - Gratitude for Mentors

It is a rewarding pursuit to intentionally seek out people to look up to and be inspired by. Mentors can make all the difference in your ability to achieve growth and experience breakthroughs. In this episode, discover how I found inspiring mentors in books, from history, and real life examples. It's one thing thing to talk about hard work, believing in yourself, and developing the self-confidence necessary to never take things personally, but it's an entirely different thing to see people living these principles, being an example of what is possible. I hope the examples will give you some direction and Light as you go through this thing called Life.


#8 - Anxiety and Politics

The 2020 Presidential Election has been like no other. I'm helping clients through their anxiety this year over politics and how to plan for an uncertain future. In this episode, I speak to some tips and ideas on how to stop living in fear of the future, how to understand the brain's normal responses to anxiety and perceived threats, and what to do if you're feeling anxious about the future. 


#7 - Intuitive Eating

Do you experience a lot of confusion about what to eat? Has Diet Culture hi-jacked your ability to enjoy food or do you always feel guilty for eating the foods you love? If you are anxious about body image, confused food and exercise, and wanting to weight balance for life in a sustainable way, then learn about Intuitive Eating. It is a complete game-changer and promises mind/body/food peace.


#6 - What To Do with Difficult People

What do you do with the difficult people in your life? How do you manage the frustration that comes up when other people are annoying? We dive deeper into the topic of Difficult People on this episode. Listen in and learn how to manage your relationships from more loving space.


#5 - When You Hit Roadblocks in Your Health:

Conversations with My Friends Series - Interview with Dr. Allison Brumley, Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Brumley is a physician trained in functional medicine, and looks at the whole person, treating the underlying cause instead of just managing disease and symptoms.


#4 - Intuition Matters

The opposite of Intuition is telling yourself, "I don't know." Most of us tell ourselves I don't know all the time! But what if you did know? What if you could access your Intuition, your inner wisdom in such a way that helped you live more from a place of Knowing versus spinning in confusion and staying stuck? This episode will help you answer the 'I don't know' narrative in your mind so you can move forward with more confidence.


#3- Hope During Uncertainty

 When you don't know how to feel hopeful during times of uncertainty, it can be hard on your mental health. This week's episode dives deeper into how to cultivate hope during difficult circumstances. 


#2 - Radical Self-Compassion

 The word radical has a lot of different meanings and nuances. But in the context of radical self-compassion, I'm relating it to how we think and treat ourselves, and how this can be a foundation for going through life from a place of more serenity versus anxiety.


#1 - Growth Warriors and Breakthroughs

Listen in and learn what a Growth Warrior is, how to move through resistance to growth, and how to believe in your own fundamental goodness.