A Little About Me . . .


I've lived and breathed music as a professional singer/songwriter and classically trained pianist. For many years, my brain was a hot mess.

While working on solo album projects and traveling and performing on weekends, I also taught a hugely successful music studio for the Seattle School of Music in the evenings, while homeschooling my children. I overworked and undervalued myself, and after several years of that approach, I burned myself out. Then I discovered coaching, which ignited my life. In the best of ways.

With new beliefs about what's possible for me, I stopped hustling and started honoring what truly called to me - helping women heal from difficult childhoods and own their gifts. I fell in love with learning about the brain in undergrad (I got a degree in Marriage & Family Studies "for fun"), and coaching allows me to combine what I loved about teaching music with my fascination with the brain.

I'm Life Coach School certified, and my personal mission is to help women stop being mean to themselves.

I'm fueled by jazz music and homemade ice cream, and I care a lot about my chickens, my husband, my teenagers,  my golden retriever (in no particular order), skiing down mountains really fast, yoga and hosting dinner parties.

As a seasoned life coach who has helped hundreds of clients in my private coaching practice, I've coached on everything under the sun; and I do mean everything. There is nothing too big, and nothing too trivial that we can't take a look at, together.

One of my super powers is seeing beautiful things in people and knowing how to bring it out in them. 

I haven't met a person yet who doesn't have their own brand of unique gifts.

If you aren't sure what yours are, let me be of service.

I absolutely love this work.

And I am honored to help you.

- Danielle


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