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Is it just me or do you ever feel like you have such talented kids but tend to feel a little intimidated by them? 

Today I want to talk to all my moms of talented, intelligent kids. Especially if your child’s talent or intelligence is a little intimidating. And even for those of you that no longer have kids in the home, you don’t need to tune out. This is still going to be very relevant to you. 


I love all the people who support parents in their roles. I love anyone that teaches parents how to enjoy it more, and how to help their children thrive. But it’s especially powerful to me when I hear somebody speaking to parents of talented, intelligent kids because I’ve noticed a lot of us as parents these days, we see the light and the intelligence our kids have, and we are amazed by our kids, and we want them to have high self-esteem, but we also can feel a little intimidated with how to help them thrive. Do you relate?  And I want to...

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Gratitude for my Mentors

Gratitude for my Mentors

I want to speak to the power of having gratitude for good Mentors in your life.  The impact of a good mentor can be a real game-changer for the trajectory of the path you take.

Today, I’m going to speak to five lessons I learned from five mentors who’ve given me some amazing gifts. I’m hoping that these gifts, these lessons, will inspire you to identify your mentors, and to think of ways you too can be a mentor for the people in your life. Also, to keep looking and learning from new mentors along the way. We are never too old for learning from people. 

1.  You can do anything you put your mind to

This lesson came from my grandmother.  We were really close growing up. She had a gift for always seeing the good in people, and I have her to thank for seeing the good in me – even when I made mistakes – and I made some pretty big ones while growing up. Even through the mistakes, she loved me the best anyway....

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Anxiety and Politics


Anxiety and Politics

Today, I want to speak to you about anxiety and politics.  I want speak to the collective anxiety most of us have been feeling towards this year’s presidential election, the outcome, and how this year has felt different than any other year for most of us who can remember presidential elections over the decades. Yes, decades. I’ve been alive for four decades now, almost five, and I feel like this election year has been like no other.

Whether you follow politics closely, or whether you choose not to, and no matter which way you wanted this election to go, I’m going to address the anxiety that I’ve been helping many of my clients work through, especially the young adults I work with. I can see that our younger generations, our teens and young adults, are looking the older generation, for answers.  I want to give you some ideas of how to help your loved ones deal with anxiety and politics right now.

What do we do when the...

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Dealing with Difficult People; When People Are Annoying.

Difficult People

I do a LOT of relationship coaching. Makes sense, right? It’s one of the most important aspects of our lives, healthy relationships. So let’s dive into this.

 Why bother with this relationship?

Here’s a question that I’ve wondered, and I hear my clients ask sometimes too – especially when the relationship just seems so challenging, so much work to maintain, we ask ourselves, “why bother with this relationship anyway?”

Let’s address it in the context of marriage. Why bother with getting married, or staying married, when you know – either first hand, or from watching other people – how difficult marriage is?

Relationships & Expectations 

I think it’s really easy to get confused about what marriage is for. I see this all the time. And I know it all too well, from my own experience of being married for twenty-seven years. 

We come into marriage or a committed relationship with...

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When You Hit Roadblocks in Your Health

Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Allison Brumley

I recently interview Dr. Allison Brumley, a dear friend, about her journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor.  We discussed everything from what inspired her to study naturopathic medicine to how she feels about intuitive eating.   I was very inspired and uplifted by her insights and knowledge about the human body and I think that you will be too.  I'm sharing some of the highlights here, but if you want the full experience be sure to listen to the podcast!  Here are the insights about naturopathic medicine from Dr. Allison Brumley.  No matter what your beliefs are about naturopathic medicine, you can learn from this amazing woman.

Dr. Brumley has weathered the storms of life graciously and has an amazing outlook on how the body works as a whole and how we can better serve our bodies, minds, and spirits.   We can all benefit from her knowledge and experience.  I asked her the following...

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How One Mom Shifted Parenting Her Teenage Daughter

The following is shared with full permission by a very brave mom who I recently coached.

She shared with me how afraid she was of her daughter and the distance they were experiencing in their relationship. She had a completely different vision of how she thought their relationship should be versus the direction it was heading.

She believed her daughter was difficult.

A belief is a thought you keep on thinking.

It's a thought you keep thinking over and over, until it becomes second-nature.

Most of us aren't aware of our beliefs about other people, other than the general feeling that they're lacking in some way or that they are responsible for making us happy.

Our beliefs will determine how we feel about our life. And they will show up in all of our relationships.

This mom wanted support with her belief in being a good mom. She was brave and courageous as she admitted that being a good mom meant "always knowing what to say" when her daughter would "freak out."

She held the belief,...

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Tools To Help You Parent Confidently

In this free mini course, I'll take you through the Emotion Coaching framework I've taught hundreds of moms and dads for cultivating more peace. Plus you'll discover how to shift the 'frustration habit' and parent from a place of trusting yourself more.