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How Getting Support for your Marriage Works

You’re listening to the Dare Greatly Podcast with Danielle Vaughn, episode # 58, How Getting Support for Your Marriage Works


Hey my beautiful friends. How are you doing? It’s been a minute. Well, longer than a minute, as I’ve had a very full winter and spring. Lots of neat things have been happening. It’s been a time of growth, a lot of growth. Since I’ve last talked to you, I did a virtual book club that might be one of my favorite ways I get to connect with you in person. 


We had an amazing group this go-round, and it was inspiring to see the topics you brought to your personal coaching around habits - we read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, which is one of my top five favorite books, I re-read it every winter in January and use it as a guide for self-assessment and areas I want to improve on moving forward. So working with you with that book as our guide was magical. I loved it.


One of the things I did...

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