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and I believe empowered moms make the world a better place. My mission is to help you enjoy your children AND make yourself proud as a creative, intelligent woman with unique gifts; that's why I created the Dare Greatly Society.

More Peace in Your Parenting

Because it's no fun to feel overwhelmed or resentful.


Do you feel alone in how hard it is to feel good about your parenting?

The Dare Greatly Society will change all of that. . .

How it Works

Every month I teach a unique workshop on the most relevant topics for women and thriving in family life. From understanding Emotional Regulation to recent studies about how the brain works, each workshop is delivered in a style you'll love.

Fit your Needs

Jumping into the Dare Greatly Society group coaching program with other students is a powerful way to learn alongside like-minded women, but you can also get more intensive support with private weekly coaching.

Know What to Do

The best part is feeling like you understand what's going on, you know how to engage with your child in a grounded energy, and you feel less anxiety. I can't promise your life will change over night, but you CAN be the best mom YOU can be.

My mission is simple:


by teaching actionable skills, breaking down positive psychology strategies, and providing a soft place to land when you need help solving parenting problems.


What client's have to say. . .

Michelle G.

"Working with you has saved my relationship with my daughter. She is thriving again in college and I owe it to the tools you've taught me and how I've been able to show up for her in a more loving way, versus always worrying. Seriously, thank you Danielle! This has been a gamechanger!"


Sarah E.

"I thought I was going to have to break up with my boyfriend and raise our baby on my own until I learned how to reconcile my past with building a better future. Thank you for teaching me how to believe in myself. I've honestly never felt more hopeful and excited about the life I get to create and the family I get to have."

Kristin W.

"I'm so glad my mom told me about you. I was drowning in school. I thought I was ready for college, but I had no idea. Through learning how to use the model and learning how to manage my thoughts, my anxiety is more manageable and I'm doing so much better in school. I love what you've taught me!"

Want to enjoy being a mom?


Even with those kids who have BIG personalities! With over three decades of experience in parenting and music arts education, I'm committed to using positive parenting strategies as my guide to help moms and children thrive.

I especially love "difficult children"  and working with their moms. WHY? Because I was one myself, (and so was this handsome son of mine when he was little.)

I break down tough situations and events in family life through monthly workshops, thought-provoking private coaching, positive psychology, and humor.

My straightforward approach helps you answer the 'now what?' question so you can gain traction over difficult problems quickly.

Join the Dare Greatly Society if you are looking for more peace, connection, and positivity in your parenting.

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"I will admit, I was the kind of person that thought I did not need a life coach. I figured I was competent enough to handle the day to day struggles that we all face and that with a little more grit and “emotional muscle”, I should be able to power through the heavier trials in my life. I was anxious about boring someone with too much of my personal shortcomings. However, after a lot of encouragement from my husband, I finally decided to talk with Danielle, and that’s when some amazing things started to happen for me. The first thing I came to understand, is this: Danielle is your personal cheerleader, not your critic. She sees the best in you, she offers clarity and understanding. She can sort through the layers and help you recognize who you are, who you want to be and what is really of value to you. She can then help you start on your own personal path to success and peace, and do it authentically."

Dare Greatly Society member

You CAN enjoy your children. I promise.

You don't have to parent your children perfectly. You just have to do it authentically. With your commitment to being the best mom you can be, you'll gain confidence as you connect with your child. Together, we can bring peace and positivity to family life, one child at a time.

Join Me!


and let's get you grounded so you can love your parenting journey with more confidence.

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Tools To Help You Parent Confidently

In this free mini course, I'll take you through the Emotion Coaching framework I've taught hundreds of moms and dads for cultivating more peace. Plus you'll discover how to shift the 'frustration habit' and parent from a place of trusting yourself more.